Krone EasyCut 28 CV

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EasyCut – uniquely KRONE

  • The cutterbar is permanently lubricated, fully welded and absolutely leak-proof
  • Wedge-shaped profile Clean cutting
  • Extra wide and hardened flotation skids
  • No inner shoe Blockage-free mowing
  • Massive spur gears Efficient driveline


Rugged and absolutely leak-free: KRONE cutterbars are fully welded by advanced robot and CNC systems to meet the most exacting demands and quality standards. After all, the cutterbar is the heart of every disc mower.

The wedge-shaped cutterbar gives EasyCut the edge for better cuts – short in pastures and slightly longer in long-stemmed field crops. The wedgeshaped design provides a greater choice of settings and more options to deal with difficult conditions. As another KRONE advantage, the massive spur gears run in double bearings, which in turn are spaced wide apart to withstand high and permanent loading. The hardened discs spin in a massive and thick-walled mower bed, which offers full protection from any damage – for complete peace of mind. The SafeCut disc protection system consists of a threaded pin for the disc to jack up and a shear-off roll pin that offers maximum protection to the disc blades.

The established satellite drives – a KRONE development, which has proven extremely well all over the world since it was introduced in 1989. A driveline of massive spur gears with up to 66 teeth transfers the main drive power all the way down to the very last disc. The large-diameter gears rotate at reduced speeds, with a higher number of teeth meshing with the neighbouring gearwheels for even quieter running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. The auxiliary gears drive one disc each and as a result are exposed to only minimum loading. The discs are arranged in a very forward position, which leads to substantial blade overlap and perfect cuts.


SafeCut – the new disc shear-off system brings unique protection and operational reliability to EasyCut mowers with and without conditioner. The situation is familiar to every farmer – a disc collides with a foreign object, is damaged and requires repair. Offering a maximum of protection, the KRONE SafeCut does not transfer the full shockload to the spur gears. Instead, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks when there is a momentary overload. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question and moving it out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. As a result, SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs.

The moment of impact: The roll pin shears off. This cuts the driveline and stops the disc, which jacks 15 mm (0.6") up a thread. This eliminates any risk of colliding and damaging the neighboring disc.


Front-mounted disc mowers with conditioner EasyCut 28 CV
work width    approx. mm 2,710 (8' 11")
Transport height   approx. mm 2,565 (8' 4")
Conditioner Pioting
V-steel tines
No. of discs 4
No. of top hats 2
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Wide spreading Option
Windrow width   approx. mm 1,200 - 2,700 (3'11" = 8'10")
Conditioner speeds   rpm 600 and 900
Rotor diameter   mm 642 (2')
Press diameter  mm --
Conditioner width   mm 2,055 (6'8")
Area output    approx.  ha/h (acres/hr) 3.0 - 3.5 (7.0 - 8.5)
PTO Speed  rpm 1,000
Dead weight   approx. kg 880  (1,940)
Power requirement   kW/hp 51 / 70