Kuhn 70110

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Durable, High-Capacity Box

Simple, Rugged Design

The box is built for high capacity, yet has a simple and rugged design to withstand the heavy day-to-day use on larger livestock operations. Steep, straight sides cause material to flow quickly to the bottom of the box to help eliminate bridging. Heavy-duty auger bottoms help provide a strong box integrity, while the close auger-to-bottom tolerance ensures better cleanout.

Large Door Openings

The large door opening provides superior material flow to the discharge. The larger door opening also provides a faster unloading rate, when needed.

Stainless Steel Liners

A standard, full stainless steel liner completely covers all of the high wear areas, from front to back, for unmatched dependability and long service life. Both provide added protection when mixing more abrasive or corrosive materials, resulting in longer life of the unit shell.

Twin-Auger Design

The raised right auger keeps the lower left auger charged for consistent unloading and assists in cleanout. The twin-auger design allows the unit to run with the discharge door closed and provides quick and efficient feed delivery as well as a fast, through cleanout.

Dependable Drive

Rear Oil Bath Drive

Bearings, chains and sprockets are easily accessible for routine maintenance. Heavy-duty, spring-loaded poly idlers help the drive run smoother and eliminate alignment problems. The dependable planetary drive reduction eliminates high-speed chains and sprockets in the oil bath to provide smooth operation and low maintenance. Splined shafts and sprockets allow for a strong, reliable torque transfer, better sprocket alignment and easier maintenance, while nylon-sleeve bearings provide longer life. The oil bath door seals against a protruding edge and bulb seal to prevent leakage.

Variable-Speed Control

The variable-speed drive includes an automatic high-speed cleanout feature to provide flexibility and control, and matches unloading rate to ground speed for proper placement in the bunks. The compensated drive keeps the door fully charged until the very end of the load for consistent feed delivery.

High-Capacity Discharge

4-Auger Discharge

Center-rotating augers bring the feed to the center of the discharge to increase overall capacity and provide a smooth, even discharge for all ration types. The 4-auger discharge comes standard with power tip-off and built-in magnets. Long-lasting, replaceable polyethylene chute liners prevent rust and limit wear.


Capacity - no extensions (m3) 31.1
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 1100
Drive Planetary
Number of augers 2
Overall height - no extensions (in) 134
Overall height - no extensions (cm) 340
Overall width - without options (in) 102
Overall width - without options (cm) 259
Tread width (in) 96
Tread width (cm) 244
Door opening (h x w, in) 46.5 x 28.5
Door opening (h x w, cm) 118 x 72
Weight (kg) 7394
Weight (lb) 16 300
Maximum load (lb) 40000
Maximum load (kg) 18144
Auger diameters - upper and lower (cm) 76
Auger diameters - upper and lower (in) 30