Boom Mowers

Made for all of those hard-to-reach cutting applications, the Hydraulic Boom Rotary mower is built for tractors with 100 horsepower or more and can cut brush and debris up to 2” in diameter! If your fencerows need cleaning, get the Rhino Hydraulic Boom mower!

With a maximum horizontal reach of 21' and vertical reach of 22'6", 2160 outperforms conventional ditch bank mowers, and is ideal for mowing pond embankments, levee or drainage ditches, or cutting overhanging limbs on fence rows. 2160 is available as a 540 or 1000 RPM. It features a 60" cutting swath and 1/2" x 4" updraft blades for a clean cut. Hydraulic breakaway, plus a reinforced boom and mower head, and a 60-gallon oil capacity for cooler operating temperatures help assure optimum performance and reduced downtime.