Krone EasyCut B 890

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EasyCut B750 · B890 · B970

Tractor attachment and drives

  • Huge work widths of up to 9.70 m
  • The telescoping arms on EasyCut B 890 and B 970 ensure perfect overlapping
  • The compact headstock with break-back protection gives maximum operator comfort
  • A compensating rocker distributes the weight and ground uniformly to both wings


Standard impact damage protection
Safety and operational reliability is another important area of excellence. For example, EasyCut 750 pivots through a 1.20 m arc, the EasyCut B 890 through 1.40 m and the EasyCut B 970 through 1.60  m. Once the system triggers, the complete mower swings back and up and away from the obstacle. After the obstacle is passed, the unit returns automatically into its working position.

Optimum protection
These mowers use a coil spring to set the tripping force of the impact protection system, which trips instantly when the unit meets an obstacle. The robust combination combines state-of-the-art mower technology and offers working widths of 7.46 m to 9.70 m for productivity. The mowers not only offer light pulling and high acreages but also superior functionality and perfect cuts

The central gearbox
Mounted centrally on the rear unit, the main gearbox sends the tractor power down the straight drivelines, which feature integral overload protection, clutches and overrunning clutches to protect the mower and tractor. The box requires a 1,000 rpm pto.

DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
The robust headstock offers a compact and uncluttered design. The decks do not suspend centrally but in their centre of gravity and receive extra guidance from lateral arms. The DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension maintains a uniform ground pressure across the entire work width and gives easy pulling, great ground contouring and a large pivot range

Maintaining a uniform ground pressure
The suspension arms ensure both wings operate at identical pressures in undulating terrain, which is evidenced by the uniform cut. The spring pressure is set on a turnbuckle.

EasyCut B 890 and EasyCut B 970 operators can change the distance between the two side mowers for stripeless cuts on slopes and in bends. The standard telescoping arms adjust the wings to overlap up to 45 cm with the 3.16 m KRONE front mower. The feature ensures clean and loss-free cuts utilizing the machine at its full span in large and flat fields.


Model EasyCut
B 890
Work width                                                 approx. mm 8.60-8.90
Work width per rear mower                          approx. mm 3.16 (10'4")
Total transport width                                    approx. mm 2.99 (9'10")
Storage height                                            approx. mm 3.70 (12'2")
Transport height at 250 / 200 mm ground
clearance                                                    approx. mm
3.60 (11'10")
No. of discs* 10
No. of top hats* 4
Quick-changing blades Standard
SafeCut Standard
Rotor diameter                                             approx. mm
Conditioner speed                                                    rpm
Merger augers
Merger belts -
PTO speed                                                                rpm 1.000
Hydraulic couplers 1 sa, 1 da
Compatible with load-sensing systems
Dead weight*                                           approx. kg (lbs) 1600
Tractor power                                                     kW/hp 88/120
Area output  (approx. min)                            ha / h (acre) 9 - 12 (22.2 - 29.7)

*without front mower ** or load sensing. The standard control unit requires two extra double-acting spools.