Krone Big X 580

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The intake system

  • 6 pre-compression rollers for a top quality chop
  • Hydraulic drive shaft: LOC steplessly adjustable from cab
  • Adjusts automatically with AutoScan
  • Maximum protection against foreign objects:
    Long path from metal detector to chopping drum.
    Metal detection across entire chamber width

The cutterhead

  • For grass, wilted crops, whole crop silage and maize in OptiMaize S, M, L, XL
  • Chopping drums with 20, 28, or 36 blades
  • Plenty of carrying space under the blade carriers
  • Blades are quick and easy to insert and remove


  • Fast changeovers from grass to corn conditioning and vice versa
  • A chain drive lowers the unit conveniently
  • The changeover takes just a few minutes
  • Fast and easy removal of the grain conditioner


  • Consistently smooth performance despite inconsistent crop flows
  • Extremely smooth running – also in lumpy swaths
  • High throughputs
  • Top quality chop
  • Perfect operator comfort


  • An adjustable discharge distance at the touch of a button from the cab
  • Tight crop stream even with a long crop discharge
  • The shorter the crop discharge, the less power is needed
  • Fills the trailer accurately without spillage



  • Convenient attachment and removal
  • Maximum safety
  • Very short set-up times
  • Compact combination

The engine

  • 6-cylinder MTU in-line engine
  • Final Tier 4 / Stage V compliant
  • 490-653 hp continuous engine output
  • High efficiency and quiet running

The driveline

  • Simple design
  • An extra-strong poly V-belt transmits engine power to the crop assemblies
  • Long service life
  • Separate drive for the intake rollers and the headers: Rollers and headers are reversible if the chopping drum suddenly stops
  • Separate and dependable driveline to the drive pumps

The running gear

  • Front-wheel drive is standard; four-wheel drive is an option
  • Powerful wheel motors from Bosch-Rexroth
  • Traction control with three travel modes
  • Infinitely adjustable speed range of 0 to 40 km/h


  • LED lights are an option for best visibility at night
  • Huge fuel capacity: up to 1450 liters of diesel with the optional additional tank
  • Easy access for maintenance work

The cab

  • Plenty of space and optimum climate control
  • Large window screens offer perfect all-round visibility
  • Maximum seating and operator comfort throughout a long working day
  • User-friendly operator terminal with color-display touch screen



Model   BiG X580
Model number   MTU 6R 1300
No. of cylinders   6
Engine capacity Litres 15.6
Sustained engine power kW/hp 436/593*
Max. continuous chopping kW/hp 408/ 555
Max. continuous chopping kW/hp 338/460
Tank content/ volume additi Litres 1,220 / 230 optional
SCR tank capacity Litres 115
Tank content silage additive Litres 275 optional
Ground drive    
Model   infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with wheel motors for up to 40km/h (25 (mph)
Speed in field mode km/h 0-25
Speed in road mode km/h 0-40
Selectable anti slip control   Standard
4WD   Option
Steering angle on rear axle Degrees 50
Rear axle suspension   Hydraulic
Header   Infinitely variable
Pre-compression rollers   Infinitely variable
Pre-compression rollers    
Pre-compression roller throat volume   Funnel shaped
Service position   Quick attach system (also with header attached)
No. of rollers/metal detector/no. of magnet coi   6/series/6
Metal detector - counterblad (cm) 82 (2'8")
Chop length adjustment   Infinitely variable from the cabin
Chopping drum    
Drum width/diameter (cm) 63 / 66 (2'0.8" / 2'2")
Arrangement of blades   chevron style, at 11° to counterblade
No. of blades   20, 28, 36, 40
LOG range mm 5-31/4-22/ 3-17/2.5-15 (0.2"-1.2"/0.2"-0.9"/0.1-0.7"/0.1-0.6")
Cuts per minute   11,300/15,820/20,340/22,600
Stepless drum floor adjustment/ spring-loade   Standard
Grain conditioner    
OptiMaxx 250    
105/123 slanted teeth   Option/Option
HD, Busa®CLAD***, slanted 105/123 teeth   Option/Option
123/144 slanted teeth   Option/Option
HD, Busa®CLAD***, slanted 123/144 teeth   Option/Option
Speed differential   30/option 40- 50
Roller diameter/ width / roll mm 250/570 / 0.5- 7 (10" I 22" / 0.02" - 0.3")
Roller conditioners    
166 teeth: saw tooth profile   Option
Roller diameter/ width / roll mm 250/570 / 0.5- 7 (10" I 22" I 0.02" - 0.3")
Distance control from the cab in combination   Standard
Crop Accelerator    
Rotor diameter/width/no. of paddles   560 / 595 (22" / 23") / 8
Paddle arrangement   arranged chevron-style
Speed rpm 1,980
Stepless adjustment of the backplate / spring-loaded backplate   Standard
Angle of rotation Degrees 210°
Unloading height m 6.00 (19'8")
Cross-section dimensions (cm) 34x23 (1'1" X 9")
Automatic mirror function/parking position   Standard
Ro tary drive system   Gearboxes
Spout lined with wear plates throughout   Standard
Service & maintenance    
Auto lubricator with compressor   Standard
Self-diagnosing system via operator terminal   Standard
Air seat and buddy seat   Standard
Comfort air seat and buddy seat   Option
Automatic climate control with mobile cooling box   Standard
Windscreen wipers on front and sides/ Rear window wiper / 3 front window wipers   Standard / Option
Length/width*/height* m 7.52-8.25/3.00 -3.30/3.91-3.98(24'8"-27'0.8"/9'10"-10'10"/12'10"-13'0.7")
Base machine weight (without header)** Approx. kg (lbs) 14,100 (31,085)
Weight distribution with EasyFlow 300 pick-up F / R % 57/43
Weight distribution with EasyCo llect 750-3 (7.50 m ww) F / R % 60/40 
Front axle Standard****
680/85 R32
710/75 R34
710/70 R42
800/65 R32
800/70 R38
900/60 R38
900/60 R42
Rear axle "Standard****
540/65 R30
600/70 R30
710/60 R30
EasyFlow: Pick-up m   3.00-3.80 (9'10"-12'6")
EasyCo llect variable row width header m   4.50/6.00/7.50/9.00 (14'9"/19'8"/24'7"/29'6")
EasyCollect variable row width header m   6.00/7.50/9.00 (19'8"/24'7"/29'6")
Autopilot and active ground contouring for EasyCo llect   Option