Krone BiG Pack 1290 (VC)

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KRONE Active Pick-up – a clever combination of the tried-and-trusted camless EasyFlow
Pick-up plus an additional powered feed roller. The two combined make a perfect match that delivers a pick-up performance second to none on the market while keeping wear to a minimum. More than that, they feed the material in an exceptionally smooth flow into the machine – regardless of whether it is equipped with cutting system or not. Increase your work rates and throughputs.

  • A more effective pick-up thanks to a powered feed roller leaves no haulm behind
  • Massive crop press roller for superior performance
  • Optional hydraulic pick-up drive with speed control and forward/reverse function
  • Smoother running thanks to camless design
  • Less wear with 68% fewer moving parts
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting


The KRONE VariCut (VC)

VariCut26 and VariCut51 offer machine buyers a very flexible and easy-to-use solution, a cutting system for big balers that ticks all boxes. VariCut26 with 26 blades is the best option for those who cut at a minimum length of 44 mm whereas VariCut51 with 51 blades is for those who seek cuts of half this length.

  • Up to 51 blades produce short and highest-quality straw
  • Variable blade group control for various chop lengths
  • Belt drive and four-star rotor for maximum efficiency
  • Optional reversing system reduces blockage hold-ups
  • Choice of two systems with 26 or 51 blades to suit individual needs


The KRONE PreChop

PreChop is an integral front-mounted chopping unit on the KRONE big balers of the new BiG Pack 1270 (VC), 1290 (VC) and 1290 HDP (VC) series. It has 96 rotating blades and two rows of 47 counter blades that cut the material to a nominal length of 21 mm. More than than, PreChop also defibrates the stalks visibly.

  • Short chop lengths – minimum 21 mm nominal lengths
  • Adjustable LOC, two selectable counter blades
  • Defibration effect for added liquid absorption
  • Mechanical gearbox and hydraulic height control


KRONE VFS − the variable filling system

Tried and tested gets even better! In line with this adage, the VFS variable filling system has received a performance boosting update. Optimum mixing and effective pre-compression in short and different crops were not enough for the KRONE engineers. They have now implemented a feature that allows operators to control the level of pre-compression from the terminal and which keeps them informed on the current load.

  • Thorough mixing and uniform pre-compression are the first step to optimum chamber fills
  • The pre-compression level is selectable from the terminal
  • The feed chamber load indicator helps uninitiated drivers to achieve maximum throughputs
  • Overload protection clutch for superior operator comfort
  • Best performance in all crops and swath volumes


The driveline

KRONE has always preferred massive flywheels that are able to absorb peak loads and improve the fuel efficiency of such a big baler. All chains have been replaced by gearboxes and driveshafts for optimum efficiency throughout the entire powertrain. You won’t find shear pins on the KRONE BiG Pack drivelines but overload clutches protecting all drives.

  • High inertia and high speeds for a quiet running system
  • Power is transmitted down clutch-protected drive shafts
  • No shear pins in the drive train for maximum operator comfort
  • Hydraulic starting aid is an option for smooth machine starts


The baling chamber

BiG Pack features a 20% longer baling chamber that has now a full-width top plate to produce even firmer, tighter bales especially in very dry crops and at high work rates and throughputs. The on-board hydraulic system with automatic baling pressure control ensures firm bale shapes and tidy edges, even in wet conditions and in different crops. 

  • A longer baling chamber for firmer, tighter bales in dry crops
  • Massive hydraulic cylinders control the baling pressure
  • An electronic star wheel sensor ensures uniform bale lengths
  • Electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities
  • Deselectable pusher dogs either push out only the last bale or clear the entire chamber.


The KRONE knotter system

There is no way around double knotters when the task is to make high-density bales. The technology feeds the upper- and under-thread to the knotter without tensioning them. The threads are fixed inside the knotter only for the short moment of tying the knot. This reduces significantly the strain on the thread and on the knotter increasing the reliability of the system. 

  • Double knotter technology for extra reliability
  • An optional machine cleaning system is available as an alternative to the standard pneumatic cleaning system
  • Central lubrication provided as standard
  • Long service life



The BiG Pack (BPx05) programme BiG Pack 1290 VC
(BP 405-11)
Chamber width x height cm 120 x 90 (3'11" x 2'11")
Bale length m 1.0 - 3.2 (3'3" - 10'6")
Tractor power Min. kW/hp 140 /190
Pick-up work width DIN m 2.35 (7'9")
Length in transport position m 8.85 (29'0")
Length in working position Approx. m 10.31 (32'11")
Height m 3.45 (11'4")
Width mm 2.99 (9'10")
Min weight** approx. t 12,800 (28,219 lbs)
Tyres for the 40 km/h single axle -
Tyres for 60 km/h tandem axles 500/60 R22.5
620/50 R22.5
620/55 R26.5****
710/50 R26.5 (Width 3.18)****
Brakes Air/hydr
Twine storage** No. of rolls 30
PreChop Optional
Double knotter 6 series
MultiBale -
Max. no. of blades VC26 = 26 / VC51 = 51
Min. cutting length mm 44 / 22
Plunger strokes no. of strokes/minute 45
BaleCollect Optional