Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed

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  • Highest baling density – up to 25% higher bale weight
  • Fewer bales per hectare – fields cleared faster
  • Less storage space – lower freight costs

With its extended 120 x 90 cm baling chamber the KRONE BiG Pack 1290 HDP takes baling density to a whole new level. Bales produced by HDP are 25% heavier than bales from traditional big balers.

Quick payback
The BiG Pack 1290 HDP breaks new ground among big  balers. The high density of the bales saves space and the uniform, sharp-edged bales are easy to stack. More weight and less volume – that has a positive impact on handling, transport and storage costs.

Clever twist:
The combination of the huge bevel gearbox and the flywheel tipping the scales at more than 600 kg (1,322 lbs) can cope with more than 940 kW/1280 hp and efficiently absorbs peak loads on the plunger during baling.

Extended bale chamber: The extended chamber bales 500 kg bales of 2.35 m in length – as demonstrated by BiG Pack 1290 HDP many times over in straw. The strengthened, funnel-shaped bale chamber, which has been extended by 80 cm, produces up to 25% denser bales.

The pressure’s on: To cope with the high baling pressure, KRONE has kitted out its balers with around 2.5 tonnes more steel. The large, reinforced yoke is designed to cope with exceptionally high loads. Six hydraulic rams generate the force on the side walls, delivering rock-solid big bales.


The BiG Pack HDP programme BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed
Chamber width x height cm 120 x 90 (3'11" x 2'11")
Bale length m 1.0 - 3.2 (3'4" - 10'6")
Tractor power Min. kW/hp 130 / 177
Pick-up work width DIN m 2.35 (7'8.5")
Length in transport position m 8.75 (28'8.5")
Length in working position Approx. m 9.40 (30'10")
Height m 3.14 (10'4")
Width mm 2.99 (9'10")
Min weight** approx. t 12.0
Tyres for the 40 km/h single axle -
Tyres for 60 km/h tandem axles -
550 / 45 - 22.5 20 PR

560 / 45 R 22.5 146 D
620 / 40 R 22.5 148 D
Brakes Air/hydr
Twine storage** No. of rolls 32
PreChop -
Single knotter -
Double knotter 6 series
MultiBale -
Max. no. of blades -
Min. cutting length mm -
Plunger strokes no. of strokes/minute 45
BaleCollect Optional