Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP II XC

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  • Up to 70% higher throughputs than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed
  • or up to 10% higher density than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed
  • Eight patented double knotters for exceptionally high density bales
  • The twine boxes lower hydraulically for easy maintenance and refilling


Up to 70% higher throughput or up to 10% higher bale density than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed – these were the ambitious targets the KRONE engineers set themselves in designing the new BiG Pack HDP II. Plenty of attractive features increase the efficiency of this baler and make it more user-friendly to operate.

After many years’ experience with the BiG Pack 1290 HDP (High Density Press), KRONE has designed a completely new Big Brother to the highly successful BiG Pack HDP big baler, reinforcing its position as market leader in high-density baling.

The separate driveline: The pick-up and the rotor cutter on the BiG Pack HDP II with XCut are powered by a separate 4-groove poly belt which shuts off automatically if there is a blockage inside the machine. To save power, the pick-up and rotor start off only after the plunger has started.

A massive rotor for even higher throughputs: The 30% bigger rotor cutter features five rows of tines for highest throughputs. These V-shaped tines pull the crop through the blades with a minimum of input power and keep the bale chamber consistently filled up to the sides.

Eight double knotters: Extremely high-density, stable bales produced at very high ground speeds - that’s a challenge for any twine and knotter, especially when the crop is prone to expanding. So KRONE has got together with Rasspe to develop a brand new, patented knotter system especially for the BiG Pack HDP II. This system comprises eight slim double knotters which expose the individual strings to minimal pull, enabling them to hold even denser packs.

Deselectable pusher dogs: A pin sets the system, either enabling all pusher dogs to clear the entire bale chamber or disabling the dogs at the front so that just the finished bale is unloaded.

54 balls of twine on board: 27 balls of twine – plenty for long working days. The twine boxes can be folded down hydraulically and conveniently from the cab for easy refilling and access to service points. Fitted with LED lights for greater convenience during night-time work.


The BiG Pack HDP programme BiG Pack 1290 HDP II XC
Chamber width x height cm 120 x 90 (3'11" x 2'11")
Bale length m 1.0 - 3.2 (3'4" - 10'6")
Tractor power Min. kW/hp 190 / 258
Pick-up work width DIN m 2.35 (7'8.5")
Length in transport position m 9.13 (29'11")
Length in working position Approx. m 10.80 (35'5")
Height m 3.81 (12'6")
Width mm 2.99 (9'10")
Min weight** approx. t 15.400
Tyres for the 40 km/h single axle -
Tyres for 60 km/h tandem axles 560 / 45 R 22.5 146 D
620 / 50 R 22.5 154 D

620 / 55 R 26.5 166 D
710 / 50 R 26.5 170 D
Brakes Air/hydr.
Twine storage** No. of rolls 54 
PreChop -
Single knotter
Double knotter 8 series 
Max. no. of blades 26 
Min. cutting length mm 44 (2") 
Plunger strokes no. of strokes/minute 45 
BaleCollect Optional