Krone BiG Pack 870 HDP XC HighSpeed

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  • New 80 x 70 cm (2'7.5" x 2'4") chamber size for greater flexibility
  • Up to 25 % denser bales with HDP technology
  • MultiBale: up to 9 small packs in one big bale


The BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale HighSpeed gives you maximum flexibility. The unique and patented system ties up to 9 small individual bales into one big pack. With much fewer bales to collect and transport, MultiBale makes bale handling so much easier in the field.

The “3-in-1” machine. The BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale HighSpeed enables you to respond with maximum flexibility to your customers’ wants and needs. Because this baler not only produces standard bales but transport-friendly heavier HDP bales and practical MultiBales as well. The MultiBale is the new HD bale that enables you to achieve much higher throughputs with a comparable end product.

Easy handling: The MultiBale system ties up to nine small individual bales together in one big pack. This makes them much easier to handle in the field, with up to 20 times fewer bales to collect and load compared with HD bales.

From big to small: The advantages are obvious: there are only a few big bales to collect in the fi eld, and their size makes them very easy to stack, transport and store. Back in the yard, the small packs are easy to separate by hand simply by snipping through three strings.

Tailor-made for container shipping: As an option the width of the baling chamber can be reduced by 3 cm (1.2") for a perfect fit for the most common sea containers, even with bales containing different crops.


The BiG Pack HDP programme BiG Pack 870 HDP XC HighSpeed
Chamber width x height cm 80 x 70 (2'7.5" x 2'4")
Bale length m 0.5 - 2.7 (1'8" - 8'10")
Tractor power Min. kW/hp 120 / 163
Pick-up work width DIN m 1.95 / 2.35 (6'5"/7'8.5")
Length in transport position m 7.95 (26'1")
Length in working position Approx. m 9.18 (30'1")
Height m 2.96 (9'8.5")
Width mm 2.59* / 2.99 (8'6"*/9'10")
Min weight** approx. t 9.4
Tyres for the 40 km/h single axle -
Tyres for 60 km/h tandem axles 500 / 50 - 17 14 PR
550 / 45 - 22.5 16 PR

560 / 45 R 22.5 146 D
620 / 40 R 22.5 148 D
Brakes Air/hydr
Twine storage** No. of rolls 32
PreChop -
Single knotter -
Double knotter 5 series
MultiBale Standard
Max. no. of blades 16
Min. cutting length mm 44 (2")
Plunger strokes no. of strokes/minute 49
BaleCollect Optional