Krone KW 7.82 / 6 x 7 T Trailed Rotary Tedder

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With 4 and 6 rotors

The KW 5.52 T and KW 7.82 T feature a height-adjustable articulated drawbar. Coupled to a rigid drawbar or with a floating drawbar – quick and easy.

The hydraulic drawbar provides for plenty of ground clearance under the rotors when the machine is travelling to the next site. When using the swinging drawbar or the rigid linkage drawbar, work depth is set on the turnbuckle on the hydraulic ram.

KW 5.52 T and KW 7.82 T are very compact models which require little storage space. Parked on large balloon tires and a steplessly adjustable stand on the drawbar, the trailed models offer unsurpassed stability.

Adjusting the angle of spread is important to adapt the machine optimally to the desired quality of the forage. The wheel arms are adjusted simply by moving an extension lever, which is possible because KW 5.52 and KW 7.82 T are not lifted out.

The driveline

The enclosed liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes that drive the rotors are absolutely maintenance-free. Permanent lubrication gives peace of mind and increases longevity. The chunky box-section chassis absorbs all shock loads on the frame. Mounted beneath the individual sections, the liquid-grease gearboxes drive nothing but the rotors. The same sections guide the rotors on the KW models, which increases the overall stability and takes the load off the gearbox.

The rotors

The KRONE KW and KWT rotary tedders are available in various work widths and dimensions. But also the rotor diameters and the number of tine arms on each rotor vary to suit your special needs and requirements. With five tine arms on the small diameter rotor (1.34m), six on the medium-sized rotor (1.53m) and seven on the largest (1.70m/1.80m) rotor, KRONE offers the perfect rotary tedder for every user, every situation and every need.

The generously overlapping tine arms spread the crop evenly for a uniform spreading pattern in all conditions. Uniform spreads improve wilting and reduce drying times, allowing you to finish the job before weather turns bad.

The tines are attached to the tine arms with an eccentric plate and adjust to one of three sweeping angles – an option that makes for excellent tedding in all conditions.

Heavy-duty tine arms (38x4mm tubular steel) and a special ring attachment system combine to provide dependable performance in even the toughest conditions.

Warranting top quality forage

  • Central border spreading control spreads the crop away from the boundary for easier harvesting.
  • The angle of throw is adjusted without tools.
  • The castering wheels on the rotors run in close vicinity of the tines to provide accurate control.


Thought-through details and high operator comfort boost the efficiency of your operation. The central border spreading facility ensures you are not wasting a single haulm along the boundaries. In addition, it allows you to spread uphill with the machine running at an angle to the tractor. The rotor tilt is adjusted without the need of tools for perfect adaptation to the current crop and yield.

You can adjust the spreading angle between 13° and 19° by refitting a pin in a hole pattern on the wheel arms. No tool required. The steep spreading angle is perfect for tedding, producing intensively conditioned forage. With its gentler conditioning action, the shallow angle is better when making the headland turn.


Model KW 7.82 / 6 x 7 T
Work width to DIN 11220            m 7.80 (25'7")
Acreage                    Approx. ha/h
Transport width                          m 2.98 (9'9")
Storage height                           m 3.13 (10'3")
Tractor power              Min. kW/hp 37/50
Weight Approx.                kg (lbs) 1030 (2271)
No. of rotors 6
No. of tine arms per rotor 7
Rotor diameter                          m 1.70 (5'7")
Tires on the rotors 18/8.50-8
Tires on transport chassis
Pulled Swinging drawbar
Border spreading Mechanical
Attachment category
Hydraulic spools 1 sa
Spreading angle 13° - 19°

Braking system                Air