Krone Comprima F 125

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The Comprima F 125 – an all-round talent:
Comprima F 125 and F 125 XC produce fixed 1.25 m diameter bales. These versatile machines go into silage, hay and straw and stand out for exceptionally light pulling, unmatched throughputs and impressive densities.

The flexible Comprima F 125:
The Comprima F 125 offers optimum attachments for all conditions. Users can choose a feed rotor or cutting rotor with 17 or 26 blades, a single or tandem axle and between various control units.

 The hitch options and the running gears:

  • Variable - hitch ring or ball attachment
  • More options - single or tandem axle
  • Three options - the tire sizes



  • Safe – 6 mm thick double tines with large diameter coils
  • Well-balanced – The rows of tines arranged in wave shape clear the field evenly
  • Clean – The extra-wide pick-up drum clears the crops off the field completely
  • Simple and effective - no cam track means fewer moving parts, less service and maintenance and extremely quiet running


Feeder rotor or cutting rotor

  • Efficient – Large diameter
  • Quiet running - helical tine rows
  • Continuous flow - for a consistent crop feed
  • Sharp – Best cutting quality



  • Sturdy – Heavy-duty design
  • Maximum pressures - top bale densities
  • Smooth – More even and less noisy
  • Light and easy - for low input power
  • Saving time - no servicing required


With fixed bale chamber

  • The round baler - Comprima F 125
  • The round baler with cutting system - Comprima F 125 XC
  • Meeting user demands – 1.25 m diameter bales
  • Reliable and simple - clutter-free build, enormous stability
  • Sharp – XCut cutting unit


Tying unit

  • Variable – For net and base coat of film wrapping
  • Safe – Short distance of the wrapping material to the bale
  • Free view – The operator has an unimpeded view of the baling process
  • Comfortable – Automatic start of tying

Whether with net or base coat of film, the tying unit on a Comprima is extremely reliable and easy to use.

Easy servicing

  • Efficient – Best accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Automatic lubrication - one lubricator attends to all chains
  • Time-saving – Central lubrication manifolds
  • Safe – Automatic chain tension


Comprima with fixed chamber Round baler
Bale size (Ø x width)
(*in 5-cm increments, **stepless)          Approx. m
1.25 - 1.20 
(4'1" x 3'11")
XCut cutting rotor
17 blades for the shortest cutting length    Approx. mm
26 blades for the shortest cutting length    Approx. mm
Machine dimensions (L x W* x H*)
(*depending on tyres)                             Approx. m
4.70 x 2.61 x 2.65
(15'5" x 8'7" x 8'8")
Tractor input down to specific crop, machine specification and conditions Approx. kW/hp 48/65
Drawbar eye 40
Ball-head attachment 80

Pick-up (5 rows of tines)
Scattering width                            Approx. m

2.15 (7'1")
Wrapping system
Net wrapping
Chamber film wrapping

Single axle (unbraked)
Single axle with compressed air brake
Tandem axle (unbraked)
Tandem axle with compressed air brake

15.0/55-17 10 PR
500/50-17 10 PR
500/55-20 12 PR
500/60 R 22.5
600/50 R 22.5

Operator terminals
DS 100
DS 500
CCI 800
CCI 1200

No. of control units required 2 sa
Optional accessories Bale ejector, operating terminals, various KRONE ISOBUS components, camera systems, hydr. support jack, LED working lights, moisture sensor