Krone Comprima V 150 XC

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The Comprima
with variable bale chamber

  • The round balers: Comprima V 150 XC and V 180 XC
  • The baler wrapper: Comprima CV 150 XC
  • Variable: Producing 1.00-1.80 m diameter bales infinitely variably
  • Cost-effective: the simple and uncluttered design
  • Sharp: the XCut cutting system


Uncompromising stability for great flexibility and continuous use under tough conditions are the distinguishing features of the KRONE Comprima V and CV. They allow operators to set bale diameters steplessly from 1.00 m to 1.80 m to suit different crops, conditions and customer requirements.

The variable round balers Comprima V:
The Comprima V 150 XC and V 180 XC with variable bale chamber allow operators to enter the required bale diameter to the operator terminal from the comfort of the seat. The diameters can be set steplessly from 1.00 m to 1.50 m or 1.80 m. This way you are set to handle all crops and conditions. Smaller bale sizes are often preferred in grass silage whereas larger bales are more typical in hay and straw. Depending on the crop, the baling density in the core of the bale can be reduced, which is perfect for ventilating hay bales.

The variable combination baler and wrapper Comprima CV:
The Comprima CV 150 XC has a powerful double wrapper. The wrapping table forms a deep cradle and has large guide rollers on the sides to ensure the bale is consistently rolled during the wrapping process even when the conditions are more than difficult. The Comprima CV 150 XC table can also be used for unloading the bales in pairs when no wrapping takes place.

Bale transfer:
Once the bale is wrapped in the net, the tailgate of the baler opens. At the same time, the wrapping table inclines backwards, unloading the second already film-wrapped bale on the ground via a rubber rack. Now, the front bale is pushed from the transfer table onto the wrapping table by sturdy conveyor bars guided by chains on the right and left sides. As the baler resumes baling, the wrapper starts the wrapping process.


Comprima with variable bale chamber Round baler
Bale size (Ø x width)
(*in 5-cm increments, **stepless) Approx. m
1.00 - 1.50 x 1.20
(3'3" - 4'11" x 3'11")
XCut cutting rotor
17 blades for the shortest cutting length       Approx. mm
26 blades for the shortest cutting length       Approx. mm
Machine dimensions (L x W* x H*)
(*depending on tyres) Approx. m
4.99 x 2.61 x 2.99
(16'5" x 8'7" x 9'10")
Tractor input
down to specific crop,machine specification and conditions Approx. kW/hp

Drawbar eye 40
Ball-head attachment 80

Pick-up (5 rows of tines)
Scattering width Approx. m

2.15 (7'1")
Wrapping system
Net wrapping
Chamber film wrapping

Single axle with compressed air brake
Tandem axle with compressed air brake
Standard Option
15.0/55-17 10 PR
500/50-17 10 PR
500/50-17 12 PR
500/55-20 12 PR
500/60 R 22.5
600/50 R 22.5

Operator terminals
DS 100
DS 500
CCI 800
CCI 1200

No. of control units required 2 sa, free return line
Optional accessories Bale ejector, operating terminals, various KRONE ISOBUS components,
camera systems, electronic baling
pressure adjustment, hydr. support
jack, floor conveyor stop, hydr. blade
group control system, LED working
lights, moisture sensor