Kuhn HRB 353 DN

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Orientation of the Blade Holders

KUHN power harrow blade holders are positioned to provide a progressive crumbling of the soil by the blades. This precise and exclusive layout prevents the harrow from excessive vibrations while at the same time reducing the power consumption.

Depth Control

Roller height is easily adjusted with a simple to use multi-hole and stop-pin selector. The HRB 103 Series comes with a large choice of rollers to meet your depth control needs.

Roller Options

KUHN has a wide variety of rollers available to compliment your KUHN power harrow.

  • For dry, non-sticky soils without an integrated seed drill, the MaxiCrumbler is the roller for you. This roller has a large diameter to reduce risk of soil accumulation and is more durable in rocky conditions.
  • For compacted, silty or sticky soils, the Packer roller is ideal. The Packer roller is the optimum seedbed preparation tool thanks to the rollers’ crumbling and packing effects.
  • For light and silty soils, use the MaxiPacker roller. It is less resistant to rolling and requires less horsepower from your tractor.



Rotor Drive

Rotors are driven by large-diameter gears. Power transmission to the blades is ensured by numerous teeth fully engaged at all times. The rotor drive design has contributed to build the highly reliable reputation of KUHN power harrows, the result of more than 30 years of experience and success.

Gearboxes for Every Condition

The aim of seedbed preparation is a fine, structured and leveled seedbed for uniform plant development in one pass to save costs. But working conditions are as varied as soils are. In general, the soil should be worked as intensively as necessary, but as little as possible. It’s important for you to have a well-made gearbox to thoroughly match your operation’s working conditions.

Duplex Gearbox

All large KUHN power harrows, like the HRB 103 Series machines, are equipped with Duplex gearboxes. Their gears can be inverted, offering two rotor speeds to change the soil mixing intensity. Additional gearsets are optional for an even wider range of rotor speeds.


Quick Release Blade System

The HR 103 Series power harrows come standard with the Fast-Fit®, quick release blade system. A full set of blades is easily replaced within minutes saving you time and money.

Hitch Design

The front of the hitch is a heavy-duty rectangular section tube. The lower and top hitch links are made from heavy-duty, high-strength steel. On the HRB 403, the headstock is connected to the gear case by a large base and completed with two stiffening arms.


Transport width 11'6" (3.5 m)
Maximum PTO power 100 hp (75 kW) @ 540 rpm; 160 hp (119 kW) @ 1,000 rpm
Minimum PTO power 70 hp (52 kW)
Central gearbox Duplex multi-speed
PTO shaft 1 3/8'' - 21-spline (factory set for 1,000 rpm)
Rear PTO output shaft Standard
Number of rotors 12
Maximum working depth 8" (20 cm)
Hitch Cat. 2 and 3
Approximate machine weight with MaxiCrumbler roller 2,844 lbs (1,290 kg)
Working width 11'3" (3.4 m)