Kuhn EL 92-230

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Rotor Drive

On the larger EL models the rotor is driven by case hardened, forged steel gears, which are mounted on conical or double row roller bearings for maximum capacity. They run in an oil bath. The heavy-duty sealing of the lower gearcase is fitted with a metallic face seal, which provides the highest possible resistance to leaking and contamination in abrasive soil conditions.

Central Gearbox

On the bigger models, the central gearbox is cast iron and set back for reduced PTO angles. A friction slip clutch is standard for protection of the drivetrain. The EL 62 Duplex gearbox offers two speeds by inverting the gears. The Duplex gearbox with two speeds is standard on the EL 92. Two additional speeds are available as optional equipment, offering the adaptation capability to various working conditions.

Heavy-Duty Frame

The EL 62, 82 and 92 power tillers are grouped together by a large frame providing high rigidity and exceptional endurance. The front portion is integrated with the casting, increasing the machine’s strength and giving you the potential to attach other equipment if needed.


Skids or Wheels

On the EL 62, 82 and 92 power tiller models, working depth is controlled by using skids or wheels. These wheels are intended for work not requiring the surface to be entirely uniform. The front wheels have adjustable spacing and will roll over firm soil without leaving tracks in the worked soil.

Roller Options

On select models of the EL 82 and all models of the EL 92, you can chose from either the Crumbler roller or Packer roller to help meet your soil preparation needs.
The Crumbler roller is a small 15.4” diameter roller suitable for use on dry, non-sticky soils without an integrated seed drill.
The Packer roller is 20” diameter and suitable for a wide range of soil conditions, but especially recommended for clay soils that harden while drying. The Packer roller is suitable for use with a lighter integrated drill.


The special curved design of the KUHN tiller “C” blades has been optimized, tested and provides chopping and mixing of plant residues, aggressive entry into hard soil while requiring less horsepower and increased crumbling of soil clods. The EL Series is fitted with six blades per flange as standard for efficient crumbling.

Rear Hood

The optimized design of the rear hood is adjustable, especially valuable when changing work intensity with C-blades for optimum tillage and plant residue handling.


Progressive Lateral Offset

Offset hitch capability normally allows a tiller that is narrower than the tractor to erase the tractor wheel track on its right side. Offsetting the hitch is easily accomplished by sliding the three yokes of the tiller frame. Thanks to this continuous manual offset, the machine can be adapted according to the situation to ensure stability.

Compact Design

All KUHN power tillers for vineyard and orchards are a very compact design for efficient operations in narrow rows. The small overall width-to-working width ratio of the EL 62, 82, and 92 shines through. Moreover, the rounded hood edges and skids protect plants from damage.


Specifications EL 92-230
Available Rotors Cultirotor
Maximum PTO power 100 hp (75 kW)
Minimum PTO power 58 hp (45 kW)
Central gearbox Two-speed
PTO shaft Standard 1 3/8'' - 6-spline
PTO protection Slip clutch
Rotor drive Forged steel gears
PTO speed 540 rpm
Rotor speed 194 and 230 rpm
Rotor diameter 21" (53 cm)
Number of flanges 9
Number of blades per flange 6
Number of blades 54
Maximum working depth 9" (23 cm)
Depth control  
Working depth adjustment Manual
Rear hood adjustable 7 pin positions
Progressive offset to the right -
Hitch Cat. 1 and 2
Working position Rigid
Supporting frame  
Depth wheels Standard
Road lights and signaling Standard - reflectors only
Transport width 109" (2.77 m)
Working width 91" (2.31 m)
Approximate machine weight 1,333 - 1,973 lbs (605 - 895 kg