Grading Scraper

Make your ride smooth sailing by using a Rhino grading scraper to return your driveway or roadway to like new condition.

The Rhino grading scraper cuts material from high spots and deposits it in the low spots, leveling the surface. Available in widths of 60", 72", and 84", this scraper will fit your needs with a minimum number of passes over the surface.

Designed for economical use, the grading scraper only requires 30-50 HP, depending on model. Additionally, heat treated shanks with replaceable hardened tips that can rip down 2-3/8" are standard on every Rhino Grading Scraper!

The offset angled blades use 1/2" x 6" cutting edges that are reversible and replaceable for long life, and the 13-3/4" tall side panels allow for large volume movement of loose material. Full length replaceable wear skids are standard for long life in tough conditions!

The Rhino Grading Scraper smoothes gravel driveways, roadways, and parking lots by cutting material from the high spots and moving it to the low. Our scraper uses two offset angled blades with ½” reversible and replaceable cutting edges for extra-long life. This unit is CAT 1 hitch and quick-hitch compatible for easy hook up. Tall side panels allow moving large volumes of material without leaving spill-out ridges.