Vermeer VS570 Single-screw

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Extra heavy-duty planetary
The VS570 is equipped with a planetary built for long-lasting performance. The tractor’s PTO powers the screw through a planetary specifically designed to help extend machine life.

Optional 2-speed gearbox
Operators can take advantage of an optional 2-speed gearbox, ideal for dense rations and efficient mixing. Use the low speed (26 rpm) for mixing starts and the high speed (39 rpm) when cleaning out.

4-point scale with Bluetooth connectivity
Achieving defined targets between multiple feeding locations is less of a hassle with a 4-point scale that helps improve accuracy, when compared to a 3-point scale. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity allows operators to view their load weight from their smart device.

Constant-velocity PTO
Mix on the move with the VS570 single-screw vertical mixer. Constant velocity PTO allows operators to mix the load while traveling down the road or between pens on their farm or ranch.

Efficient cleanout
The bi-pulse legs and leading edge of the screw create three points of contact with the tub floor. These points are designed to help provide an even flow onto the discharge conveyor and clean out the tub at an efficient pace.

Heavy-duty screw
Tough jobs require tough equipment. In a vertical mixer, the screw does the tough work of mixing the feedstuffs, whether that be breaking apart a round bale or working to blend the ingredients evenly. The screws are built with 5/8-in (16-mm) abrasion-resistant AR200 screw flighting. Plus, Vermeer mixers are equipped with a standard full set of hard-surfaced knives.


Loading height - standard 125 in
Machine weight - standard 11180 lbs
Maximum net load 17000 lbs
Total length 218 in
Transport width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 121 in
Working width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 140 in
Tires (retread) Standard 445/50R-22.5; Optional 445/50R-22.5 lug
Capacity 570 cu ft
Number of screws 1
Number of knives per screw 7
Tub wall thickness 1/4 in (6.4 mm)
Tub wall material AR200
Floor thickness 3/4 in (19.1 mm)
Screw flighting thickness 5/8 in (15.9 mm)
Screw flighting material AR200
Discharge style Front conveyor
Discharge Direction Left or right
Folding conveyor extension length 25 in/40 in/50 in (64 cm/100 cm/130 cm)
Bi-directional conveyor length 101 in/110 in/119 in (257 cm/280 cm/302 cm) OR 101 in (257 cm) hydraulic shift
Minimum PTO horsepower 1300 hp (970 kW)
Recommended PTO horsepower 150 hp
Driveline 1,000 rpm, CV
Two-speed gearbox Optional
Torque Protection Shear bolt
Screw rpm 39 (1-speed); 39/26 (2-speed)
Scale display Digi-Star EZ2810-BT
Number of weigh bars 4
Bluetooth connectivity Standard