Vermeer VT1150 Premium Twin-screw

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Screw design
Feedstuffs mix more appropriately when going between both chambers of the tub. This is accomplished with an overlapping screw design and offset baffles placed on the tub wall, helping achieve a consistent, thorough mix.

Efficient cleanout
Operators can be satisfied knowing the VT1150 Premium works to minimize feed left in the tub. Two bi-pulse legs, plus the leading edge of the screw, team up to create three points of contact with the tub floor to minimize cleanout time compared to mixers with only one or two points of contact with the floor.

Optional stainless steel liner
The VT1150 Premium has an optional stainless steel liner that helps prevent rust in the tub of the mixer, especially when using feedstuffs with a higher acidity.

Commercial-grade planetary with standard cooling system
The gearbox in the VT1150 Premium features an extra heavy-duty planetary. A standard cooling system helps keep the planetary from overheating so the mixer can be used like it’s built to be used — all day, every day.

Upgraded durability
Premium mixers from Vermeer are required to have increased steel thickness on the tubs, floor and screw flighting. The VT1150 Premium's tub wall and screw flighting are made from abrasion-resistant AR200 steel.

4-point scale with Bluetooth connectivity
The Premium vertical mixers allow operators to view weight readouts from three different places: standard display, smart device via Bluetooth technology or from the additional remote display. The additional remote display helps provide visibility when loading feedstuffs.


Loading height - standard 139 in
Machine weight - standard 24800 lbs
Maximum net load 30000 lbs
Total length 303 in
Transport width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 120 in
Transport width - 119-in bi-directional conveyor 119 in
Working width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 138 in
Working width - 119-in bi-directional conveyor 119 in
Tires (retread) Standard 315/80R-22.5 dual; Optional 255/70R-22.5 dual, tandem; 445/50R-22.5 tandem
Capacity 1150 cu ft
Number of screws 2
Number of knives per screw 141
Tub wall thickness 3/8 in (9.5 mm)
Tub wall material AR200
Floor thickness 1 in (2.5 cm)
Screw flighting thickness 3/4 in (19.1 mm)
Screw flighting material AR200
Discharge style Front conveyor
Discharge Direction Left or right
Folding conveyor extension length 25 in/40 in/50 in (64 cm/100 cm/130 cm)
Bi-directional conveyor length 101 in/110 in/119 in (257 cm/280 cm/302 cm) OR 101 in (257 cm) hydraulic shift
Rear discharge door Optional
Minimum PTO horsepower 190 hp (2-speed) (140 kW)
Recommended PTO horsepower 220 hp
Driveline 1,000 rpm, CV
Two-speed gearbox Optional
Torque Protection Shear bolt
Screw rpm 34 (1-speed); 34/23 (2-speed)
Scale display Digi-Star EZ2810-BT
Number of weigh bars 4
Bluetooth connectivity Standard
Remote Display Standard