Vermeer VT660 Twin-screw

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High screw rpm
The VT660 features a high screw rpm, which optimizes mixing speed and allows for thorough cleanout of various ingredients.

Screw design
All Vermeer twin-screw vertical mixers are a testament to logical, practical engineering. Two overlapping screws and offset baffles on the tub wall help to achieve a consistent, thorough mix. Instead of feedstuffs remaining in either the front or the back of the tub, the construction of the tub and screws encourages the material to travel between the screws in a clockwise motion.

Efficient cleanout
Three points of contact with the tub floor, made up of two bi-pulse legs and the leading edge of the screw, help move material from the tub to the discharge conveyor for consistent distribution along a bunk line or tire.

2-speed gearbox
The standard 2-speed gearbox is designed to relieve horsepower demand while mixing heavy rations. Use the low speed (26 rpm) at the start of the mix and use the high speed (39 rpm) for more complete cleanout.

Low loading height
At just 105 in (267 cm), the VT660 twin-screw vertical mixer has the lowest loading height of all Vermeer vertical mixers. The low loading height provides versatility among different operations during loading, feeding and storage in situations where clearance restrictions may be present.

4-point scale with Bluetooth connectivity
A 4-point scale helps operators be confident in load weights. Optimize rations and achieve defined targets when feeding in multiple pens. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity makes load weights accessible from a smart device.


Loading height - standard 105 in
Machine weight - standard 13625 lbs
Maximum net load 18000 lbs
Total length 285 in
Transport width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 113 in
Working width - 50-in folding conveyor extension 130 in
Tires (retread) Standard 445/50R-22.5; Optional 445/50R-22.5 lug
Capacity 660 cu ft
Number of screws 2
Number of knives per screw 5
Tub wall thickness 1/4 in (6.4 mm)
Tub wall material Regular structural steel
Floor thickness 5/8 in (15.9 mm)
Screw flighting thickness 1/2 in (12.7 mm)
Screw flighting material AR200
Discharge style Front conveyor
Discharge Direction Left or right
Folding conveyor extension length 25 in/40 in/50 in (64 cm/100 cm/130 cm)
Bi-directional conveyor length 101 in/110 in/119 in (257 cm/280 cm/302 cm) OR 101 in (257 cm) hydraulic shift
Minimum PTO horsepower 150 hp (70 kW)
Recommended PTO horsepower 170 hp
Driveline 1,000 rpm, CV
Two-speed gearbox Standard
Torque Protection Shear bolt
Screw rpm 48/32 (2-speed)
Scale display Digi-Star EZ2810-BT
Number of weigh bars 4
Bluetooth connectivity Standard